??, Polly, Jonathan, Tom, Titus, Emil & Ketan

Corey, Polly, Jonathan, Tom, Titus, Emil & Ketan

Tom Simmons, Owner

Tom Simmons

Tom got bit with the car bug at an early age hanging out with his oldest brother at car shows and race track events starting when he was eight years old. After driving a 1964 Ferrari 250 Lusso in touring at Sear’s Point a few years before he received his driver’s license and getting a ride with a factory Ferrari test driver in a 512 BBi the same weekend, as Tom likes to say ,”you end up owning a car shop”. Tom is active in the Porsche Club of America and the BMW Car Club of America and is an enthusiast of all forms of car racing. Tom is lucky to have found a kindred spirit in his wife Karla; the two of them planned their entire wedding so they could travel to Italy on their honeymoon for the Formula One Race in Monza in 2008. Tom serves on the Driving Events Committee for Windy City BMWCCA and has been a driving instructor for many clubs in the area for over ten years. Tom is committed to developing long lasting relationships with his clients by providing honest advice and outstanding customer service.

Jonathan, Service Manager

Service Manager

Jonathan was a senior analyst at Qwest Communications for 7 years before he became a rock musician, touring the United States and Europe until his son was born, when he decided to establish a career working on German cars. He became a Master Tech at Mercedes-Benz of San Francisco, then came to Midwest Performance Cars where he was first a technician before taking on the job of Service Manager. His interest in fine German automobiles has been broadened considerably after becoming intimately familiar with the Audi, BMW and Porsche cars that come through our shop every day – and especially after working with Tom and the fanatical devotees who work here.

Emil Liebhaber, Master Technician

Emil Liebhaber
Master Technician

Emil’s father was in the business of custom building side cars for motorcycles. It was seeing a lot of his father’s friends’ high end vehicles that inspired Emil to learn what made cars tick, from bumper to bumper. This fascination with cars led to Emil working on classic VW Beetles before he was even old enough to have a driver’s license. With over 20 years of experience with VW and Porsche, Emil has found his niche- knowing all of the finer details of late model Porsches but specializing in vintage air-cooled Porsches. Emil has totally rebuilt countless Porsche motors and truly has them memorized from the inside out. In his spare time, Emil enjoys skateboarding and BMX, as well as building and rebuilding motors both on and off the clock. Emil has been with Midwest Performance Cars since its inception and is happy say he loves what he does and is proud to call the shop his second home.

Ketan Patel

Ketan Patel
Master Technician

Ketan began his career working in Detroit at Fred Laveny Porsche, Audi, Land Rover and Infinity.  He worked his way up from Apprentice Technician through quality control and to a position as Assistant Service Manager. Ketan moved to Chicago for Luxury Motors as a technician.  He was selected to go to Bentley for training as a Master Technician.  As a Team Leader for Luxury Motors, he was the first technician in the United States to completely disassemble, repair and reassemble the interior of a Continental GT. Ketan is one of a few Master Bentley Technicians in the Midwest and is also certified on Saleen and Spyker vehicles. Moving to Dallas, Texas, Ketan worked for Dallas Fort Worth Audi where he became an Audi Master Technician and Team Leader.  He was written up in Quattro Quarterly for excellent service, above and beyond. Ketan has been fortunate to everything from Ferrari F40s and F50s, Lamborghinis and Maybachs.  His favorite drive was a Porsche Carrera GT.  He is also one of very few people who have been entrusted to drive a Bugatti Veyron.

Titus Amza, Journeyman Technician

Titus Amza

Titus has been with the shop since April of 2008. Initially, he portered for the company while finishing automotive service school. During his time at MPC, Titus purchased two BMW E30s- one with a working engine that had been totalled, and one with all working components minus a blown engine. Being different models, Titus fabricated every fitting in his car to make an engine work in a car in which it didn’t originally belong, effectively building an entirely custom BMW. Consistently pushing himself and literally working from the ground up, Titus has more than earned his wings to fly as a full time technician. Naturally adept to the likes of German cars, and having broken into the business to fuel his soon-to-be racing habit, Titus regards driving and vehicle service as an artistic form of expression. Now, under the direction of Emil he proudly focuses that same work ethic into troubleshooting your vehicle’s complications, every day at MPC.