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Audi Repair & Maintenance Services Available!

Recognizable with other brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Audi is one of the world leaders in luxury vehicle manufacturing. Known for their elegant, futuristic design, the brand has been responsible for popular models such as the S and A series. But like many other luxury vehicles, they utilize a specific process in order to be properly serviced. At Midwest Performance Cars in Chicago, IL, we’ll know how to properly execute that process. Our master technicians and professionally trained service advisors utilize the brand-specific tools and service techniques, as well as OEM parts, to provide your Audi with the dealership level auto care it needs. Whether it needs a simple oil change or it has carbon build up issues, we’ll know how to properly take care of your Audi vehicle.

Changing The Trend

At Midwest Performance Cars, we recognize the growing trend of distrust between vehicle owners and their local auto shops, and we don’t blame them. Owners have been given poor repairs and a lack of transparency, but our automotive team aims to buck that trend. This starts when you enter our facility, as our service advisors are ready and waiting for you. Professionally trained to understand our services, their costs, and how they work within Audi’s service standards, they’ll design a fair and affordable service plan based on your budget, concerns, and your vehicle’s make, model, and current condition.

If you approve of the customized plan, we hand your vehicle off to our master technicians. During the service, they’ll utilize OEM parts and the brand-specific service techniques your Audi needs to perform at its best. Along with that, they’ll also take photos and film the entire process so you can take it home for your personal records. During the service, we invite you to engage with our technicians! We want to be as transparent as possible, so feel free to ask them any questions. They’ll happily provide you with the answers you need.

Once the service has concluded, you’ll meet with our service advisors one last time. They’ll provide you with the photos, videos, and documents utilized during the process and give you an overview of the services performed. They’ll also answer any lingering questions you may have! Your visit isn’t over until all of your questions are fully answered!

Book Your Visit!

There isn’t enough time to deal with a faulty repair. You and your Audi vehicle deserve better, and better is what you’ll receive at Midwest Performance Cars in Chicago, IL! Our master technicians and professionally trained service advisors have a comprehensive list of services to ensure your Audi is buzzing around the Windy City at its highest level of performance. Give us a call at 312-432-9492 and schedule your next visit with us! Want to visit our state-of-the-art facility? Visit us at 1385 West Lake Street. We’re right down the street from Union Park!