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Porsche Boxster Pressure Plate

We are exacting, just like the German manufacturer brands that we service. This 2001 Porsche Boxster 986 exhibited symptoms of needing a new clutch. Once the transmission, pressure plate & clutch disc were removed, we measured the rotation, rock play, and teeth count spec on the dual mass flywheel to provide an accurate recommendation for replacement. Visually looking at the surface and rotating it back and forth by hand are superficial and may be the only way other shops may or may not recommend a new flywheel. We opted to invest in the factory tool to verify these specifications to ensure our clients save money by NOT having to redo this work based on a visual inspection and “it seems okay to not replace.”

Complimentary Alignment Checks

MPC offers complimentary steering & suspension alignment angle measurements with every visit. Regardless if you are here for a routine engine oil service or complicated check engine light diagnosis, we will check your vehicle’s alignment….free!.

The cost of setting alignment can vary, based on how many points of adjustment are needed, the amount of adjustment in the component range, and the condition of the adjustment fasteners. Each alignment is custom tailored, rather than a blanket recommendation that most dealers and shops offer.

Corrosion Removal

Every time we remove a wheel from a vehicle, such as a tire rotation, brake replacement, or seasonal swap, our technicians meticulously clean and abrade any corrosion that commonly results from our Midwest winter weather and corrosive road salt. This is necessary to avoid future issues such as a vibration or abnormal brake disc runout. When properly cleaned in this manner, the wheel face can securely seat and sit flush with the disc hub surface. It takes extra time, but as the saying goes “the long way is the short way.”

Proper Care & Feeding of Wheel Bearings

WHEEL BEARINGS: Here is an excellent (and brief) article from Porsche Club of America Tech writers. Wheel Bearings are one of those unseen and unsexy parts of your vehicle that handle literally TONS of workload as they allow your wheels to spin freely, that is, until the bearings eventually wear out. This is a completely normal occurrence, as the bearing is part of a mechanical system, and nothing lasts forever. At Midwest Performance Cars, we fully illustrate everything that we do so our clients gain a better understanding of their vehicle and what it requires to stay in top operating condition. Enjoy this informative piece:

Audi R8 Engine Air Filter Replacement

This 2008 Audi R8 has a pair of cabin air filters that are difficult to access to put it mildly. The last time they were replaced on this vehicle, it was done at an Audi dealer. Unfortunately, the dealer service department did a poor job on this and jammed both filters in, forcing them to accordion-scrunch up and obviously losing the effectiveness of filtering incoming air to the cabin.

It is imperative that your service shop not only know proper procedure but also take the time to do things correctly. At Midwest Performance Cars, our technicians receive training through multiple industry channels, both virtual and in-person, so you will never end up with an improper installation like this car had.