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Comprehensive Brake Repair & Replacement Services

For many prospective buyers, vehicle safety plays an important role in their purchasing decision. From rear view cameras to proximity sensors, technology has made vehicles safer than ever. Although technological advancements have played a role in these new features, they’ve also helped enhance classic features such as the braking system. What used to be a simple “press and stop” motion has expanded, as many vehicles now use these proximity sensors to stop your vehicle for you if you don’t react in time. It should come as no surprise that proper brake repair has become more important.

At Midwest Performance Cars in Chicago, Illinois, we make sure your vehicle is always utilizing a safe braking system. Our master technicians and service advisors will work with you to find the best brake services for your vehicle. Whether you need new brake pads or the rotor replaced, we have every service your braking system will need.

Do You Need Brake Service?

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, understanding the condition of your braking system is something that cannot be ignored. Part of proper maintenance is understanding the signs of brake deterioration. When you learn the signs, you’ll be able to avoid big repairs and expensive services fees. Not sure what to look for? Looking to add to your knowledge base? Well, we’re here to help. Here are two signs of brake deterioration that you need to pay attention to.

Strange Noises

When using your brakes, you want to beware of these sounds — squealing or screeching and grinding. If you hear squealing or screeching while using your brakes, that means the brake pads have reached their minimal level of thickness. At this point, your brakes are still fine to drive on, but it’s best if you have them replaced as soon as you can. If you hear grinding, that means the brake pads have completely worn out and the metal calipers are rubbing against the brake disc. This can leave serious damages such as a warped brake rotor or grooves within the brake disc, so make sure you visit us as soon as I can!

Pulsating Pedal

When you step on the brake pedal, it should not fight back. If you press on the pedal and you feel a pulsation or vibration, that’s a sign that your brake pads have completely worn out. The vibrations come from the metal calipers clamping down on the metal brake disc, which can cause serious damage. This will lead to a warped brake rotor if not quickly fixed!

Schedule Your Service With Us!

To safely navigate through Chicago, IL, you need a strong set of brakes. If your brakes encounter any issues, have the automotive professionals at Midwest Performance Cars take a look! Our master technicians and service advisors have every service your braking system needs, whether you need the brake pads replaced or the brake lines bled. Give us a call at 312-432-9492 and schedule your next visit with us! Want to visit our state-of-the-art facility? Visit us at 1385 West Lake Street. We’re right down the street from Union Park!