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Award-winning Porsche 911 build comes from Chicago

A friend tipped us off to an online listing of a 1976 Porsche 911S, which described a rough looking car for sale at a suspiciously low price. We bought it out of a garage in Wisconsin where it had sat, a failed project that the owner had run out of funds and the will to proceed. It looked like the mutt at the pound that everyone kept passing on, (hence the “rescue” title). After getting it back to Midwest Performance Cars in Chicago, we could see that a complete repaint would be needed, something not previously counted on. We had a bare metal repaint done in Porsche Adriatic Blue, and in the meantime, we rebuilt the 2.7 engine which had come with the car, but was in pieces several cardboard boxes.

The original, rotted seats were stripped to their frames, sprayed and rebuilt, then covered in OEM black vinyl with a Ralph Lauren plaid fabric insert, a pattern echoed on the door cards. The dash was covered in black Alcantara, rear seats eliminated, along with climate control, radio, lighter, everything but the ignition and light switches, with a goal of keeping things as light as possible.

We sourced a set of original 16” Fuchs, which we refinished from a very beat-up condition. All restoration was completed just in time to be ready for a transport truck that took the 911 from Chicago to the Das Renntreffen 2018 show in Miami, where it took 2 nd place in the air-cooled Outlaw class. That was VERY unexpected, as we had fantastic competition.

Every day, we perform Porsche and other German auto maintenance and repair, from your basic oil service to a full engine rebuild and restoration. Contact us and find out why we should be YOUR European Auto Service Source!

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You can keep this limited technology, I’ll take my air-cooled 911!


Tesla announced that the new Model X and Model S vehicles will be equipped with hardware that will enable them to have total autonomous-driving capabilities at some future date. However, in a move similar to the Apple User Agreement, buried deep within the info about these vehicles and their possible capabilities is this caveat:

“Please note also that using a self-driving Tesla for car sharing and ride hailing for friends and family is fine, but doing so for revenue purposes will only be permissible on the Tesla Network, details of which will be released next year”

This appears to imply that the 85-to-125 thousand dollar vehicle you just paid for is not truly your property. With the continuing rollout of autonomous vehicle capabilities, I would much rather opt for a utilitarian Nissan Leaf-type of self-driving econobox for commuting, and save my high-dollar vehicle money for an old-school Porsche 911 that I own and am fully in control of……..even if I want to use it to drive for Lyft! 

Track Day Tire Trailer Build Video


Watch as we build a custom tire trailer designed to fit behind a Porsche 911. This trailer enables you to bring your track tires, tools, and other gear conveniently with you in an easy to use, all-in-one package, eliminating the need for a support vehicle to go to your track day activity! Larry at AMMO NY contacted us about doing this project, and it went splendidly!






Click below to watch the video: