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European v. American Cars

What Makes Them Different?

European vehicle manufacturers are popular around the world. You know them all — Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Land Rover, Volkswagen, and more. But why are they so successful? What makes European cars special? As a European auto repair specialist, Midwest Performance Cars in Chicago, Illinois has the answers. We also know how that their differences make repairing and servicing them different. If you drive a European import, you need to find someone like us who has the training and experience to understand vehicles from these manufacturers and perform proper service.

Here are a few ways that European cars are different than our own!


European cars are usually built smaller than American cars, mainly because their roads are smaller. An American mindset of, “the bigger the better” doesn’t apply in places where old roads are small and public transportation is better for family travel. European cars are made differently. They’re smaller and require different knowledge to service.


Car enthusiasts argue that in general, European cars have better performance and handling. Given the number of high-performance brands and supercars that come from the region, it’s worth acknowledging. Their superior performance might be the result of loose speed limit laws throughout the continent, (in some places limits are as high as 150 mph!) But whatever the reason, we know that their cars are designed to perform differently. High-end performance requires high-quality care. If you want to protect the speed and handling that your euro car was designed with, you need someone who understands it.


If you’ve ever traveled to Europe and tried to rent a vehicle, you know that it can be really hard to find something that isn’t a manual. They just make more manual cars there. That can be hard for American drivers that are mostly accustomed to automatic transmissions. It also means that your European import might need specialized transmission service from someone who understands stick shifts.


European cars are built smaller with better performance. That makes them longer lasting than their large, heavy-duty American counterparts. A European import might have the capability to last longer, but it still needs regular care to stay its best. If you want to get as many years of service as possible, visit an expert who understands the fine tuning of your import.

Midwest Performance Cars in Chicago, Illinois is ready for your next European auto repair!