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Custom Race Trailer for Porsche Cayman

For everyone who may not be following us on our Google+ page, this was a very cool project that we took on for one of our clients, and now we will be producing them by request!


This is a tire & tool trailer specifically made to tow behind your Porsche Cayman or Boxster on the way to the track. We produced this model on a tight timeline, so it went out the door and on the road. But when our Chicago track season is over, he will be bringing it back for us to color-match it to his Cayman S. This will definitely garner the envy of his trackside buddies! It is an easy load/unload trailer, very well-balanced and a snap to maneuver. By the way, if you would like to follow our Google+ page, (and why wouldn’t you, when we post such great stuff there!?), just click on this link and hit the “follow” button!: