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Porsche Panamera Engine Self-Destruction

Our 2010 Porsche Panamera 4S job is progressing, with the cylinder head due back from engine shop today. Here are some photos with descriptive labels, as well as the 2 bent intake valves that resulted from cam adjuster bolts shearing off during engine operation.


This is clearly a known fault with these aluminum cam adjuster bolts, as Porsche has recalled over 14,000 2009 to 2011 vehicles sold in China due to this exact failure. Expect to see similar issues in the Cayenne engines as well, with the vehicle throwing PSM failure, Check Engine, Start/Stop deactivated, and ABS fault indicators, followed by complete engine shutdown.











Our Porsche technician quite literally found the “needle in the haystack” while inspecting this engine. After further extensive research, we discovered the fault in our customer’s Panamera mill was not unique.